Expand your culinary horizons with vegan cuisine

If you have decided to have at a go at a vegan diet, you may have lots of questions about the options available to you. Contrary to popular belief, vegan cuisine is not as restrictive as it may seem. In fact, by going on a vegan diet you will be opening a whole new world of possibilities and will discover ingredients that you never knew existed. One of your main concerns might be how to replace ingredients like eggs, dairy, or meat. Read on for some useful cooking tips on the best ingredient substitutions.


Can you bake your favourite cookies, muffins, or cakes without using eggs? Yes, you can! Try using a mashed ripe banana or a cup of applesauce for every egg. Other options are soft tofu, nut butters, or “flax eggs”.


There are so many vegetable milks to choose from that your only problem will be deciding which one you like most: soy, almond, rice, oat, hemp, coconut, cashew, etc. You can make your own cheese spreads with nuts, or try Tofutti or Daiya products. Dairy-free butter and margarine can be found at most supermarkets.


You may or may not enjoy fake meats (there are fake bacon, beef, chicken, and turkey products available), but that’s not your only option. TVP or soy mince is a great source of protein and works for hamburgers, stews, casseroles, meat pies, and meatballs. And you’ll be surprised at how “meaty” some mushrooms can taste!

Enjoy your healthy eating plan!

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